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Create lasting family memories

Create lasting family memories

Because our family members are so very precious to us, our family photos are often our most treasured possessions.

And at Willow Belle Portraits we understand your family photos are more than just a way of preserving and passing down your family history…they are also a way of capturing moments in time before it’s gone.

Which is why it is so important to create lasting family memories at all stages of your family life.

Reconnect with your family

Families are so busy nowadays. Even if we live under the same roof it’s often hard to find the time to really connect with each other and spend some quality time together, but having a family portrait taken is a wonderful opportunity to get everyone together in one place, and focus on the people who really matter to us…our family.

At Willow Belle we love seeing how our family portrait photo shoots provide an opportunity for families to reconnect again with the significant people in their lives.

And how the simple act of coming together for a family portrait reinforces the fact that we are loved and valued and part of something very special and unique. Reminding us all to take the time to simply be present and focus on the people who are really important in our lives.

Don’t forget about the teenage years

While you probably have hundreds of photos of your children as babies and young children, it’s possible that their Facebook posts or school photos are your only reminder of their teenage and young adult years.

And because people are getting married later, or even not at all, if you wait for a wedding to take your next family portrait, chances are you’ll miss recording a large chunk of your children’s lives.

A Willow Belle family portrait is a great opportunity to not only record these often forgotten years, but to also reconnect with your children and remind them of just how much they mean to you.

Do you exist in your family photos?

Do you exist in your family photos?

Sometimes we think we’ve captured all our family memories by snapping away on our phones at all the right moments.

But aside from the fact that these photos rarely get printed out (and they are not usually a high enough resolution to blow up and hang on your wall), something else is missing here… you.

If you’re the one capturing these moments, you’re missing and your family history is incomplete.

Create new memories in a relaxed environment

We understand just how hard it is to get everyone together at the same time, on the same day, all looking and feeling great.

At Willow Belle, we want to make the experience memorable, relaxed and fun for your entire family. Which is why we always start the photo shoot with assisting you with your hair and make-up so you look and feel beautiful and relaxed before we bring in the rest of the family… and even the family dog!

We shoot inside, so you don’t need to worry about the weather, and our natural light studio is much softer and more forgiving than harsh studio lights.

A family photo everyone will love

A family photo everyone will love

As well as professional hair and make-up and our natural light studio, our tips on posing and clothing choices will ensure everyone in your family looks their best at the same time, in the same photo.

Two weeks later you’ll come back to the studio to watch your personal slideshow and chose your favourite shots. Your stunning prints will be set in mounted mats, presented in a linen portfolio box.

And you’ll also receive a USB containing both high and low resolution digital copies of all selected images.

Let’s have a chat now about preserving your precious family memories.

Please read our pre photo shoot information prior to your scheduled appointment.

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